We take care of your business by taking the responsibility for your company accounting.
Our concern is knowing and the practical application of the regulatory and the fair taxation.


We help you take the right management decisions by informing you yearly via Interim Financial Statements and recommendations.

Our professional day is full of a lot customer service for people working in different areas. Very flexible and quick in our job, always available, we always find a way.
And all this very profitable.

Our recommendation:

Do not allow after years to pay too expensively due to omissions in the сaccounting service and the taxation today.


Every beginning is followed by survival challenges.

Success is a result of the perfect relationships with your partners.
Our success too.

професионални консултации

That is why we will provide you a smooth communication and keeping the law when registering and transforming trade companies by making all necessary contracts.
We will consult you when you make deals and transforming companies.

Dynamic changes in the tax law often lead to an error risk.
We will provide you written positions over specific cases.

Together we will participate and will represent you at negotiations.
We will cooperate you with court agreements about trade disputes.

We will represent and protect you at tax inspections and revisions.
When you need we will represent you at tax, trade and administrative cases.

We will plan your corporate and personal taxes.

We are stretching hands to you with respect and desire for partnership.