We demand desire, perseverance and reciprocity to the common intentions.

We do not demand length of service.

The M Communication takes part in a project of the Ministry of Education and Science for creating better practical skills of the young people.

Pupils and students from the professional high schools and universities have got the opportunity to get in touch with the professions of the accountant, the financial accountant and the human resources specialist at M Communication as well as to build the needed skills for that, taking part in Pupil Practices and Student Practices Programs of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES).

M Communication is among the employers who by participating in the programs help pupils and students gain practical experience and expertise in accordance with needs of the labor market. Professional development and future realization of young people in Bulgaria are among the priorities of our company.

обучение за счетоводство в Благоевград
обучения за счетоводство
обучения за счетоводство

The Pupil Practices and Student Practices Projects are realized as a partnership between business and schools on the territory of the country and it is accomplished with the financial support of the Development of the Human Resources Operative Program, cofinanced by the European Social Fund.

The practical training is held within 240 astronomical hours in a real working environment and includes performing tasks according to preliminary program. After finishing and reporting the practice, the pupils and students are paid a scholarship.
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